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I am pretty sure I did not give this game enough time and credit, it's a really good game, but talk about wonky phsyics and I should have read the instructions. I might give this another go at some point but for now you really need to play it for yourself to understand what I'm saying.

Josef, what happens if Chesto goes bankrupt?

Give it a try and you'll see...

I made a Let's Play of this game. I found this game to be really enjoyable, but those people...those rude-ass people...I will have vengence.


Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime...

This is quite an interesting game. Aggregating everyone's play scores into a simulated profit chart is quite the interesting concept, but it pulls it off.

The voxel graphics style and sounds are simple and clean. The controls take getting used to, but it works with the social commentary of the game. It's hard to finish before overtime, and even if you do, there's barely any reward.

Overall, this says a lot about the big box model and corporate greed of such companies. Definitely worth checking out, if even for the data. Damn good work!




cool game